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Ancient Greece and The Odyssey

Page history last edited by Kathleen Porter 13 years, 2 months ago



Action Example: Ancient Greece and The Odyssey

(pending  -- for examples of currently co-taught content, see

http://foxborough.k12.ma.us/fhs/departments/library-media-center/curric.htm )


Created by:  Kathleen Porter

School/Location:  Foxborough High School, Foxborough, Mass.



Grade:  9



Library Context:




  Multiple lessons in a unit



Collaboration Continuum:




Content Topic:  Ancient Greece, as 9th Graders prepare to read (and read) The Odyssey



Estimated Lesson time:  100 minutes over 2 or more sessions



Standards for the 21st-Century Learner Goals

Standard:  Standard 1: Inquire, think critically and gain knowledge.



Skills Indicator(s):

1.1.2 Use prior and background knowledge as context for new learning.






(1.1.2) Read background information to discover the key components of the problem or question.

Identify keywords or synonyms to use in further research.

Develop a schema to express the big idea and the relationships among supporting ideas and topics of interest.



Dispositions Indicator(s):



Responsibilities Indicator(s): 



Self-Assessment Strategies Indicator(s): 







Connection to local or state standards

(List here relevant content, information literacy, and technology standards)




















Final Product:





Library lesson(s):










·    Product





·    Process





·    Student self-questioning


Instructional plan

·         Resources students will use:

        Online subscription database(s)      Web sites         Books         Reference  

        Nonprint          Periodicals/newspapers

        Other (list):

·         Instruction/activities

o   Direct instruction:







o   Modeling and guided practice:







o   Independent practice:







o   Sharing and reflecting:





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